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04 Adrian Pucey attacks 10
11.02.19, 02:59:58


[AH] Severus Snape from 04 Adrian Pucey
Slave Militia Ash Warden Khopesh Warrior Sopdu Explorer Anhur Guard Resheph Chariot Ram Stone Catapult Nomarch Settler hero
Troops 002700000182223850550001
casualties 0012500084317825000
Information Palisade destroyed
Cropland destroyed
Cropland destroyed
Bounty Lumber 677 Clay 959 Iron 676 Crop 441637 | Capacity 443949/2375280


[KG] Johnass from 10
Phalanx Swordsman Pathfinder Theutates Thunder Druidrider Haeduan Ram Trebuchet Chieftain Settler hero
Troops 10000075000000000
casualties 10000075000000000

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