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00.Vacation mode off attacks Imagine
22.07.19, 04:00:00


[SGR] Hot&Wild from 00.Vacation mode off
Maceman Spearman Axeman Scout Paladin Teutonic Knight Ram Catapult Chief Settler hero
Troops 25000000052001500430000
casualties 307000064185000
Information Residence destroyed
Palace was the selected target, but there is no such building in the target village. Random target selected.
Cropland destroyed
Bounty Lumber 24 Clay 17 Iron 29 Crop 12 | Capacity 82/1892460


[VICES W] Spirit from Imagine
Phalanx Swordsman Pathfinder Theutates Thunder Druidrider Haeduan Ram Trebuchet Chieftain Settler hero
Troops 15000000000000
casualties 15000000000000

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