UTC+3 Last changes (all)
06.12.18 New feature: Even if artifact/building name is not recognized, you can still pick it from dropdown and save everything correctly.
06.12.18 Fixed a bug that some multi-reports were opened incorrectly—no need to save again, links should work.
Fixed problem with parsing artefacts, should work at least for English, German and some other languages.
Actually, I'm constantly monitoring possible errors and unrecognized information messages, names of buildings, artefacts etc from reports and updating translations. If your report wasn't recognized correctly, try again in a day or two.
Having artefact names will help sped up that process, though. Consider sending me names of artifacts in your language in a way more suitable for you—contacts are on updated about page. Thanks for patience and using my tools. Together we can do a better tools for Travian.
  • Distance calculator: It's not possible to set arrival time, corrected small spurs bonus from +2 to +3 for T4 aka Legends
  • Reports: fixed a few things
  • Warsim: fixed that attack with only a hero was not calculating

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