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23.08.18 Thanks to Marco Nogueira, fixed in troops table: recruiting affects also rams, catapults, settlers and senators. Offense calculator was right anyway.
08.08.18 It turned out that actual speed of egyptian settlers on "Pandora" is 4, even though all guides and references give 5. I'm not sure yet, whether it's a bug or forgot-to-announce feature. According to my experience with TG, it's the latter.
01.08.18 How to calculate the most efficient army for the server with merge troops function? One option is to use the power of custom formula in attributes calculator for certain hourly production w/o gold. Merged troops costs 3x just as in Great Barracks/Stables. Quick math (you can skip to the link): for every unit produced we merge x units, hourly production = tc/t + 3x·tc/t, and off-points generated for that hourly production is a·(x+1)/t. If we express x from hourly production, we will get the following result, replace 50k with your hourly production. BTW for small production, like < 20k, formula needs to be corrected, but working with it requires changing hourly production twice.
This method works for single units, what if we want to see overall picture? There's a trick in offense calculator. Since merging troops is like great barracks, it's allowed to input great barracks level > 20 to emulate merging troops. Play with it, while keeping an eye on resources needed per hour—they are conveniently displayed on the right side—and find your optimal army conmposition.

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