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Vanguard raids 0.0 Nya Söderstadion
20.11.19, 05:04:47


[Web] Faceless from Vanguard
Mercenary Bowman Spotter Steppe Rider Marksman Marauder Ram Catapult Logades Settler hero
Troops 56211240025289891287200001
casualties 2911049001324702673105000
Information Stone Wall destroyed
Cropland damaged from level 16 to level 7
Cropland damaged from level 16 to level 7
Bounty Lumber 7615 Clay 7411 Iron 7614 Crop 312483 | Capacity 335123/659160


[Heathens] Balder from 0.0 Nya Söderstadion
Slave Militia Ash Warden Khopesh Warrior Sopdu Explorer Anhur Guard Resheph Chariot Ram Stone Catapult Nomarch Settler hero
Troops 1841240530115023344499000000
casualties 1841240530115023344499000000


Rat Spider Serpent Bat Wild boar Wolf Bear Crocodile Tiger Elephant
Troops 5040000440
casualties 5040000440

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