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link offense defense

07 raids
18.04.20, 12:22:28


[WEST WW] Шибари from 07
Maceman Spearman Axeman Scout Paladin Teutonic Knight Ram Catapult Chief Settler hero
Troops 4580100001232610001
casualties 165690000445900000
Information The attacker was supported by the Brewery.
Information Artefact could not be captured. Treasury of attacker was occupied.
Bounty Lumber 0 Clay 0 Iron 0 Crop 0 | Capacity 0/2383280


[ ] Натары from [?]
Pikeman Thorned Warrior Guardsman Birds Of Prey Axerider Natarian Knight Warelephant Ballista Natarian Emperor Settler hero
Troops 964527600118507518600132002250000
casualties 964527600118507518600132002250000

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