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Dora A attacks XPEHOBЫЙ СТОЛ ⭐
07.03.20, 03:14:24


[Zakhar] Dora from Dora A
Maceman Spearman Axeman Scout Paladin Teutonic Knight Ram Catapult Chief Settler hero
Troops 2250000005271200100001
casualties 159960000374714271000
Information City Wall destroyed
Cropland destroyed
Cropland destroyed
Bounty Lumber 31689 Clay 3078 Iron 7366 Crop 201654 | Capacity 243787/512160


[***] TeRReNSe from XPEHOBЫЙ СТОЛ ⭐
Legionnaire Praetorian Imperian Equites Legati Equites Imperatoris Equites Caesaris Battering ram Fire Catapult Senator Settler hero
Troops 0600612002030019000
casualties 0600612002030019000


Phalanx Swordsman Pathfinder Theutates Thunder Druidrider Haeduan Ram Trebuchet Chieftain Settler hero
Troops 186710001526000005
casualties 186710001526000005


Rat Spider Serpent Bat Wild boar Wolf Bear Crocodile Tiger Elephant
Troops 21004739290260
casualties 21004739290260

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