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001-selomaniac raids 01 Старт
04.12.18, 06:36:12


[ANIMALS] selomaniac from village 001-selomaniac
Clubswinger Spearman Axeman Scout Paladin Teutonic Knight Ram Catapult Chief Settler hero
Troops 3126000058600001
casualties 2702000050600001
Bounty Lumber 0 Clay 0 Iron 0 Crop 2854 | Capacity 2854/31840


[WINТER] Peseta from village 01 Старт
Legionnaire Praetorian Imperian Equites Legati Equites Imperatoris Equites Caesaris Battering Ram Fire Catapult Senator Settler hero
Troops 19418805803700005
casualties 2626080500000


Phalanx Swordsman Pathfinder Theutates Thunder Druidrider Haeduan Ram Trebuchet Chieftain Settler hero
Troops 222600034503300009
casualties 302000468400000

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