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Волантис raids
07.02.19, 04:15:31


[Паутина] Faceless from village Волантис
Clubswinger Spearman Axeman Scout Paladin Teutonic Knight Ram Catapult Chief Settler hero
Troops 2100000000522894628400001
casualties 6720000167151000
Information Makeshift Wall destroyed
Cropland destroyed
Cropland destroyed
Bounty Lumber 9861 Clay 10436 Iron 10436 Crop 11041 | Capacity 41774/16729440


[OMG] Ilya33 from village [?]
Mercenary Bowman Spotter Steppe Rider Marksman Marauder Ram Catapult Logades Settler hero
Troops 130070900000000
casualties 130070900000000


Phalanx Swordsman Pathfinder Theutates Thunder Druidrider Haeduan Ram Trebuchet Chieftain Settler hero
Troops 2879000248000000
casualties 2879000248000000


Slave Militia Ash Warden Khopesh Warrior Sopdu Explorer Anhur Guard Resheph Chariot Ram Stone Catapult Nomarch Settler hero
Troops 021230002700000
casualties 021230002700000

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